Dirt Nap Gear D.R.T. Broadheads

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Dirt Nap Gear – D.R.T. Broadheads

When picking the right broadhead I have two things I’m looking for. First, will it do it’s job in terms of creating damage and an adequate blood trail. Second, but equally important, is does it fly right.

I wasn’t pleased with the broadheads I used last year. Neither the antelope or the mule deer I shot left much of a trail, and the triangular-shaped triple blade seemed to create a lot of air resistance.

Since it’s not hunting season I wasn’t able to test the effectiveness of the D.R.T. broadheads, so I headed to our local archery shop to see how they fly compared to the broadheads I used last year. This was my first time shooting a double bevel broadhead.

The first thing I noticed about the D.R.T. broadheads is how aerodynamic they are. They slice through the air creating little wind resistance, in a smooth, straight and quiet flight to the target.

The second was its accuracy. From field tip to D.R.T. my shot was equivalent. I’ve never found that with any other broadhead.

I highly recommend this product and look forward to giving wild game a Dirt Nap this fall.

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