Falcon Strike Recoil Converter

Annual “Red” Kinney Turkey Shoot ~ 2014

I love duck hunting and I love goose hunting, but I don’t love the way my shoulder feels the
next day.

I’ve tried a variety of recoil reducers, but ultimately chose not to use one because it always
seemed to hinder my shooting in some way.

That is until now….

The Falcon Strike Recoil Converter is unlike anything I’ve ever used.
The company advertises it as the World’s Best Recoil Pad, and at this point I believe it.
The pad is made of an E.C.S (Energy Conversion System) Hydraulic Damper, which converts up
to 94% of the recoil energy transmitted through it into heat. That means you get 35% less
total energy than with any known rubber-only recoil converter.
I know… that’s a lot of science… but here’s what it boils down to…

Effectiveness – I shot five rounds of skeet at a turkey shoot, which usually leaves me kind of
sore, but this time I felt NO pain. I used a Mossberg 12 gauge with 2 3/4″ shells. That’s not to
say that the gun didn’t kick because it surely did, but the pad absorbed much of the force.
When you press on the pad it feels like gel, like what you find in gel inserts.

Length – One thing I really like about the pad is that it easily attaches to the end of your gun,
replacing the old pad, so it doesn’t change the length of the gun. This is one of the biggest
problems I ran into with other models, mostly because I’m smaller in stature. Other recoil
pads were making the gun too long, so when it kicked it would hit my finger. After a day of
that I’d return home with a swollen and bruised finger to go along with a sore shoulder, and
no desire to use the pad again.

Fit – I couldn’t ask for a better fit. The custom design of the pad molds to your shoulder. Each
time I pull up to shoot it just naturally slides into place. I was quicker on the draw and more
accurate than I’ve ever been before, going 5 for 5 in one round. A first for me.

Go to Falcon Strike for more information on this product.

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