Hunter Bars

hunter bars
Designed specifically for hunters

Hunter Bars are the first nutritional bar designed just for hunters. If you hunt, you may not think of yourself as an athlete, but you are. Bow hunting for instance requires a lot of physicality. Here in the West where I live, if you’re going to get yourself in position to harvest a mule deer or a Rocky Mountain Elk with your bow, more than likely you’re going to climb a mountain or two, sometimes in a matter of hours. I personally train hard physically year round focusing on both endurance and strength that way when hunting season arrives I know I’m ready for any physical challenge.

I’m excited to add Hunter Bars to my pack this season. I usually bring some sort of nutritional bar, but the ones I typically buy are more of a diet bar than an energy bar. What I like about Hunter Bars is that they are designed to keep you going for several hours because unlike many athletes we spend the better part of the day pushing our bodies to the limit. These nutritional bars are packed with ingredients to help with mental alertness, concentration, vision and memory. Plus, they taste really good too! You can find Hunter Bars on Facebook or this website. Below is a link to a YouTube video that better explains what you’re getting.

Hunter Bars YouTube Video


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