Jake’s Huntin Hook


If you hunt in tree stands you can more than likely relate to the following… you’re in the stand… waiting for that big beautiful animal to come along… when you realize you left something on the ground below… or you drop something… now what?

You don’t want to get down and make a ton of noise, but you can’t leave it down there as a dead giveaway that you’re there.

That’s where Jake’s Huntin Hook comes in. This handy little hook is lightweight and easy to use. Simply take the hook out and start unraveling it. The treble hook makes it easy to grab a hold of most items and it’s weighted just enough so as not to swing side to side while you’re lowering it down.

Also, the hook is attached to a lightweight durable rope, which is wrapped around a foam tube. The foam tube makes it easy to guide the hook and retrieve the item once on the hook. You might expect the foam to be noisy, but it’s not. It’s pliable, much like the noodle my kids use in the pool.

My favorite part is the carabiner that easily allows you to carry it on your belt, so if you drop your entire pack, you still have the hook easily accessible. I’ll be carrying Jake’s Huntin Hook in my pack this fall.

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